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Wanda Leal 2018 Low-back pain with Sciatica

Mark Bradley 2019 Neck and Upper-back and Lower-back pain.
Energy, Sleep, Golf.

Lisa Bridges 2019 Car Accident, Neck and Back Pain

Ron McCreery Neck, Shoulders, Back and Legs.

Diane Slagle Shoulder & Neck Pain

Norma Wilt 2018 Back, Neck, VISION
Chronic Pain

Norma Wilt 2003 Back, Neck Chronic Pain

Charlotte Procalamos Arm Numbness & Tingling, Hip, Walking, Driving, Arthritis, Sleepless

Rene Delao Low Back, Neck

Blake Betts Neck, Back, Sciatica, Walking-Gait off

Will Freytag
Sprained Shoulder, Neck, Back

Marguerite Grasse
Back Interferred with work

Ed Harmes III
Elevated Blood-Sugar, Chronic Back, Neck

James Brown
Scoliosis, Vertigo, Prirformis Synd., Back, Neck

Jack Tallman
Upper Back, Shoulder, Arms, Neck Flexability

Rebecca Cudak
Neck, Shoulder, Hip

Edward Perez
Headache, Neck, Back

B. Alan Wells
Chronic Football Injuries, Neck, Back

Pam Webb
Stress, Allergies, Neck, Back

Larry Roberts

Joseph (Joe) Reich
Shoulder, Neck, Back, Leg

Doug Jacobsen

Sharon (Sheri) Reich
Back, Neck, Hip, Leg Nerve Pain

John Martin
Back, shoulder Pain & Headaches

Kimberly Berry
Lower back pain

Judith Hart
body was twisted from a fall and turned pelvis

Cole Harris
Shoulder & Neck Pain

Billy Collins
Extremely painful neck and back

Alicia Orozco
Back Pain

Alice Meyer
Neck pain and headache, shoulder pain right hip pain.

Luke Norman
Neck pain & shoulder

Jean Poe
Back Pain & Headachest

Pat McKelvey
Neck & Shoulder Pain

Mariel Pissetti
Auto Accident, Back, Neck, Headaches

Gordon Foxley
Very Old Back Injury, Only got results here

Linda Parker
Back Injury

Jim Rickert
Bad BAck, Affecting Golf

Joan Quigg
Low Back & Shoulder Pain: First Time with Chiropractic

Arden Trevino
Inflammation all over, especially hands

Mamie Hurtado
Sciatic Nerve, back, neck, & shoulder problems

Barbara Geerlings
Chronic, back, neck, problems

Rod Johnson
Mid back, Lower back pain

Julie Lundquist
Tightness on my shoulder Neck and Back

Franz Schubert
Hand Numbness

Doug Jacobsen
Neck Pain

Nadene Jacobsen
Upper & lower back pain

Betty Foulke
Neck Pain Shoulder pain

Markus Reagor
Back pain

John DeLeon
Knee Pain

Eva Scheuble
Injuries from car accident

Bryan Jarett
Back Pain Sciatic pain

Keri Baughman
Headache, Neck & Back pain

Virginia Lloyd
Upper Back, Arms & Shoulder

Stephen Broeker
Neck, Back Problems

Laura Welch
Back Pain Right Shoulder pain

Esther Barrerra
Fell hurting knee, Foot, Wrist, Neck, Back

Jose Castro-Ortiz
Auto In., Vision, Neck, Headaches, Upper Back, Eye Twitch

Karen Culbertson
Auto Inj., Neck, Back Shoulder, 1st Chiro

Royce Czimskey
Auto Inj. Numb Leg, Apprehensive to Chiro

Henry Michel
Left knee, Ruptured quadricept

Doug Smith
Upper back. Neck Pain

May Gayla
Low Back pain

B. Jean Stockdill
Severe Lower Back Pain & Neck

Kara May
Lower Back Pain, Neck & Headache

Kathryn Roessler
Lower Back Pain

Linsay Wood
Neck, Back, Hip Pains

Devin Harper
Bad Back pain

Lee Neck, Shoulder,
Back Pain

Lynn, Kincaid
Aches and Pains.


Davyn Sedwick
Neck Pain

Albert Fulton
Neck, Shoulder, Back, Foot

Amber Hernandez
Headaches Neck, Back

Barbara Kerr
Low Back Sciatica Sleep, Neck, Legs

Beth Shephard
Chronic Neck, Head Pain

Bonita Pearson
Neck, Restricted Motion, Shoulder, Arm

Carol Chaney
Auto Accident, Neck Shoulder, Back

Cheryl White
Knee, Neck, Pinched Nerve

Connie Wilkie
Chronic Pain, Low Energy, Listlessness

Laura Alger
Vision Restored Neck, Back, Sleep

Mary Bond
Neck, Low Back Energy, Sleep

Alice Sorenson
Arm Numbness & Tingling, Neck Pain, Auto Accident

Ryan Baine
Neck, Back, Sports

Sue Angel Blurry Vision, Low Back, Neck, Knee, Sinus’, Breathing, Mental Attitude

Tim Miers
Nausea, Sickly, Insomnia, Neck, Back, Shoulders, Listless, Lack energy, Emotional Attitude

David Frankie
Hip/Groin, Back, Neck, Stomach, Rib

David Reed
Golf, Back, Hip, Neck Shoulder, Exercise

Dennis Walker
Neck, Hips, Shoulder, Elbow, Walking

Diane Frankie
Restless Legs, MidBack, Climbing Stairs, Neck

Elton Morris
Motorcycle Accident, Inflexibility, Stiffness, Neck, Upper Back, Shoulder, Arm

Erin Ward
Bed-wetting, Nocturnal Enuresis, Asthma

Evan Hbbs
Back Pain Slowed Running Track

Michael Goolsbey
Neck, Back, Hip, Shoulders, Exercise

Philip Brubaker
Legs, Back, Sacrum, Hip, Neck Shoulders

Ray Conlan
Acute Low Back, Exercises, Golf

Rebecca Westrum
Old neck injury, new back injury

Frank Feist Neck,
Left Arm weakness and numbness, Low back pain

George Prall
Low Back Pain

Heather Morse
Child care hurt neck, upper back, low back and hips.

Jack Delhagen,
MD 25 years Sciatica, Neck Pain & Headaches, Pain While Running

James Fowler
Low back pain for decades, old football Injury

Janet Higgs
Chronic neck and back pain, avoided surgery

Jason Rivera
Clumsyness, Shortness of Breath

Jason Sparks
Sleeplessness, Back Pain

Judith Johnson
Hip, Back and Shoulder hampered Dancing

Karen Foreman
Difficult Breathing, Neck and Mid back pain, old Auto Injury

Kathleen Nelson
Low Back pain, Leg Pain, Interferes with sleep and exercise.

Lynn Zullo
Old Injury, Neck and Mid to Low Back, Pelvis pain. Depressed, Sleepless

Marie Young
Shoulder & arm pain & Numbness, Neck pain with Headaches

Marjorie Meyers
Neck, Upper & Lower Back

Oteka McClain Sacro-iliac,
Neck, Sleep

Pat Harron
Headaches, Sinus’, Back, Hips

Phil Carter
Low Back, Hips, Legs, Neck, Shoulder

Rick Conlan
Leg/Hip, Mid & Lower Back, Mood

Robert Case
Neck, Mid-Back, Stiff & Pain, Headaches

Roland Rau
Neck & Face Pain & Tingling

Maggie Grasse
2010 Severe Back Pain, Interferes with Driving,Walking, Sitting

Mary Thomas
Acute Rib & Groin Pain, Chronic Hip, Neck & Back Pain

Laural Ann Brown
Nutrition Consulting, Whle Body treatment, Lack of Energy, Headaches, Bowel Pain, Concentration

Peggy Calcote
Difficulty Walkng

Curtis Hemphill
Pinched Nerve in Neck, Upper Back, Hip, Buttock

Diane Kelbell
Headaches, Neck Pain, Hopeless/Crying Spells, Sinus’, Asthma, Difficulty Breathing

Minnie (Mo) Griffith
Leg Pain, Cramps, Numbness, Burning

Jackson S. Crooked
Neck, Irregular Shaped Skull

Orville Howell
Pain in Lumbar, Dorsal / Thoracic, Sinus’ Allergies

Janis Cookc
Severe Back Pain

Velma Kessler
Vertigo, Dizzyness

Delino Eslinger
Neck & Back Pain

Mark Ogren
Better Golf, Better Sleep Better Flexability

Vanderbilt Ostermick
Pain in Neck and Lower Back

Ann Adler-Krishan
Pain in Back, Neck, Leg

Barbara McMurray
Knee Pain, Back Pain

Carolyn Bean
Migrains, Hip Pain, Mic Back Pain

Diane Hurst
Neck, Knee and Back Pain

Michael Heath
Upper dorsal / Thoracic and Neck / Cervical Pain

James McHenry
Improved Golf Game, Stiffness in neck,
Upper Back & Lower Back

Jon Lubbs
Knee, Hip and Back Pain

Susan Miller

Shoulder, Back, Vitality

Miles Allen Pain,

Von Dixon
Chronic Low Back & Sciatica Pain, Upper Neck, Ankle Pain

Tommy Kelley
Leg, Hip and Low Back Pain, Avoided Back Surgery

Barbara Seeger
Back, Hip Pain, Posture Improved

Robert Nichols
Lifting injury to Back

Jill Heath
Hip Pain

Janice Pierson
Neck, Shoulder, Back, Foot pain, Enjoy Life now

Alice Litynsky
20 years of Back Pain, Gone

Jed Leach
Low Back, Shoulder Pain

Phyllis Hillard
Neck bone-spur pain, Spasms, Bursitis in Hip

Kaye Hanson
Back Pain

Justin Rains
Blurry Vision, Chronic Back Pain, Headaches

Lois Disimilo
Back Operation Free!

Jerry Espinosa Anger
Calmed Down, Head, Neck, Back Pain

Joseph Siebert
Shoulder, Neck, Back Pain

Peggy Allen
Pain in Back, Neck &Arm Numbness

Samantha Yager
Shoulder & Neck Pain, Sciatica

Melody Duncan
Sacroiliac, Leg Numbness, Foggy Mind, Migraines

Lorraine St.Onge
Back Pain Radiating Down Leg, Headaches, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Stephaine Arther
Back Cramps

Sandy Rigby
Hip Pain, Shoulder Spasms, Neck Torticollis

Angela Smith
Back Pain during Pregnancy

Young Lee
Hip & Back Pain, Bad Golfing, Pain Standing

Sandra Miller

Cassius Mullin
Slipped on Ice, Injured Neck & Back

Gianni Chiero
Sharp Shooting Pains in Hips and Back