Anne Adler~Krishan

My Chiropractic Story:

Dr. Loper is a caring and professional chiropractor who has helped me relieve my pain and aches immensely. His approach to caring for his patients is with kindness and the patients best interest in mind

Anne AdlerKrishan


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Patient Name : Anne Adler~Krishan Date : 12/6/10

Describe what conditions you had before receiving treatment.
My original appointment w/ Dr. Loper was for my back. We had just moved into our house and my back and spine were out of alignment.

Describe the length of these conditions and how they affected your life.
The condition had been coming on slowly for about 8 months and I had to seek help. I was in much pain and could hardly sit or go for walks.

Describe the various attempts of treatment before seeking Chiropractic care.
My regular doctor subscribed pain medication and rest~which really did not help the core of my problem

Describe how you felt about your introduction and treatment here.
Dr. Loper’s original examination was thorough and gentle. All his treatments were helpful to my condition.

Describe how your condition responded to treatment, the conditions that have improved, and also any conditions other than what you came here for, that have gotten better.
My back responded well to treatment and it has improved greatly. Also we discovered that my neck and left leg were out of alignment. They are now pain free.

Describe how your improvement through chiropractic care has affected your life.
I am back to taking walks ~pain free~ and enjoying all my daily activities.