Janis Cook

My Chiropractic Story:

Like so many others, I’ve sustained several inquires to my body-due to being very involved with training & riding horses. I always thought that it was normal & “just cause” to have different levels of pain- due to what I loved doing. On Monday, March 15, 2010, I went outside to pull some weeds. I could not stand up & was slammed with horrible pain. The next a.m. (with many pain meds in my system) I “found” Dr. Loper- who saw me immediately. I am so grateful to him-& am recovering well! I am on a path to new & improved health.

Janis Cook


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Patient Name : Janis Cook Date : 3/30/10

Describe what conditions you had before receiving treatment.
Acute, intense lower back pain, occurring when I stooped to pull a few (very few) weeds. When I stood up I couldn’t. I fell back to my knees, incapacitate by the pain.

Describe the length of these conditions and how they affected your life.
I called 4 chiropractors the next a.m.-still barely able to walk. The 4th one I called said he could see me immediately. That was Dr. Loper. I was unable to carry on ADL’s-could not walk, sit or stand without sever pain

Describe the various attempts of treatment before seeking Chiropractic care.
Took muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, Vicoden to get thru the night-until I could see a Dr.

Describe how you felt about your introduction and treatment here.
Dr. Loper took a detailed history (many injuries), then assessed me & immediately did treatment to reduce the pain. I saw him 4 days in a row & improved daily.

Describe how your condition responded to treatment, the conditions that have improved, and also any conditions other than what you came here for, that have gotten better.
Once the intense pain subsided, I was sent for x-rays. Dr. Loper explained what my x-rays show (which I could also see) & explained a plan of treatment to help me reach a much healthier & stable state. After that first week, I’ve felt great and am now working on correcting the problems with treatment as well as strengthening exercises (which has never been done with any other chiropractor).

Describe how your improvement through chiropractic care has affected your life.
It’s still early in this process but I can look back at the injuries I’ve sustained over the years that never went for care & therapy. It has always affected me, ie: there has always been some level of pain. I’m committed to “sticking” with this course of treatment to be a much healthier me.