Laura Welch


Through the past 20 years I have gone to a chiropractor for relief of pain for my back and shoulder (R). I have had 2 back surgeries. I went through pain management for my back. I have had shots in my back and also for pain in right shoulder. I prefer using a chiropractor for pain.

Signed: Laura Welch Date: 11/12/2015


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Patient Name:  Laura Welch                                   Date: 11-12-2015

Describe what conditions you had before receiving treatment.

Neck and right shoulder, back (low), ribs hurt.

Describe the length of these conditions and how they affected your life.

Neck/shoulder (R) for years sorting US mail. Back surgery (2)

Describe the various attempts of treatment before seeking Chiropractic care.

I’ve gone to chiro – several times in the past. Back surgery twice, injections right shoulder.

Describe how you felt about your introduction and treatment here.


Describe how your condition responded to treatment, the conditions that have improved, andalso any conditions other than what you came here for, that have gotten better.

Treatment has been good and I’ve improved. Ribs are all good. Sacriliac- some pain (R).

Describe how your improvement through chiropractic care has affected your life.

Kept me mobile and active.