Laurel Ann Browne

My Chiropractic Story:

Dr. David Wayne Loper is the best chiropractor I ever had and I have seen many in my life time. He is a natural healer and knows intuitively what I need. I would recommend him to anyone for any ailment, as he also gives good vitamin recommendations according to his special testing. Specialized nutrition for a whole-body experience.

Laurel Ann Browne


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Patient Name : Laurel Ann Browne Date : 9/11/10

Describe what conditions you had before receiving treatment.
Due to stress; lack of energy, stiff neck/shoulders painful overall body. Lack of focus and/or motivation headaches-Bowel/BP

Describe the length of these conditions and how they affected your life.
1 year due to 5x trips to Co. re: mother’s illness, and health issues moved/sold prepared her estate then came back & had to have oral surgery & major dental work.

Describe the various attempts of treatment before seeking Chiropractic care.
None~except herbal tea to help maintain. Avoid meds as much as possible. I used an out-of-town chiropractor 2 yrs prior. X-rays revealed neck arthritis

Describe how you felt about your introduction and treatment here.
Wonderful. Personal. Exemplary. Compassion. Felt like Dr. Loper really cared about my situation.

Describe how your condition responded to treatment, the conditions that have improved, and also any conditions other than what you came here for, that have gotten better.
I responded with great results in neck & shoulders. Leg length straightened out. BP regulated, headaches went away. More energy & focus. Overall better health.

Describe how your improvement through chiropractic care has affected your life.
Enabled me to concentrate on my work-which is extensive computer work- so follow-up on neck shoulders mandatory. Best chiropractor I ever had