Melody Duncan

My Chiropractic Story:

I have had sacroiliac pain for 45 years.  That’s how old my oldest daughter is.  I have had lots of chiropractic treatments by numerous chiropractors.  No one has achieved the positive impact that Dr. Loper has given to me.  His training is superb, but he definitely healing as an artist.  I am so very happy.

Melody Duncan


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Patient Name : Melody Duncan Date: 12/6/2012

Describe what conditions you had before receiving treatment.

Extreme pain from back through legs.  Migraines for 40 years.      Numbness in legs on occasion.  Fogginess in my thinking.

Describe the length of these conditions and how they affected your life.

I have had extreme sacroiliac pain for over 30 years.  It eventually        affected ability to walk and function to my satisfaction.

Describe the various attempts of treatment before seeking Chiropractic care.

I have had chiropractic treatment for 45 years.  I have had l3, l4,l5, S,    vertebrae fused.  Acupuncture, and all kinds of pain meds & patches did       little to erase the pain.

Describe how you felt about your introduction and treatment here.

Dr. Loper was a good teacher.  He explained how pain can compound    pain and what we together could do.  I began to feel hope with him and       his treatments.

Describe how your condition responded to treatment, the conditions that have improved, and also any conditions other than what you came here for, that have gotten better.

I responded quite well to Dr. Lopers adjustments.  I was able to walk pain       free.  I am off pain meds.  He insisted that I always perform the back       exercises forever.  Whenever I slack off, the pain and stiffness returns.    Migraines have dissipated.

Describe how your improvement through chiropractic care has affected your life.

My quality of life has improved so favorably.  I can take care of a small          farm pain free.  I can bend over to pick something without a big ordeal.